Combo value meals

Wings sharing Combo 
24 Crispy fried wings plain, makoya style or dunked (bbq, spicy bbq or jalapeno bbq), choice of large fries/green salad or coleslaw and a wing man dipper (creamy ranch, buffalo blue or habanero)

– R255

Ubuntu Box 
120g beef burger with a monkeygland basting and a 100g krispy cajun chicken burger with chipotle mayo and a side chips

– R110

Steely Dan burger combo
120g Monkeygland basted burger with slice of cheese and side fries

– R80

Pop ‘n Crispy Box
100g krispy cajun chicken burger and 6 piece popcorn chicken with a ranch or bbq dipper with a regular chips

– R100

Sticky Fingers combo 
350g BBQ Ribs, 8 piece wings (BBQ,Jalapeno BBQ , Spicy), regular chips & a dipper (creamy ranch, Buffalo mayo)

– R245

B52 Bomber Box
B52 double decker bomber burger, regular fries & side onion rings

– R155


Onion rings – R40

Fries – Regular – R35

Fries – Large – R45

Fries – Chilli Cheese – R70

Coleslaw – R50

Green salad – R50